Fly Fantasy Magazine is Looking for Models

We are always striving to make people better by helping them get the recognition they deserve. You can submit your photos by e-mailing or by uploading them here. You must own the rights to the photos. You must give the photographer his or her credit. You must be 18 years old or older to be published. We will sometimes have themes but they are not strictly enforced. You can submit any type of photo you want. Your photos can not have any advertising, links, or watermarks. We will remove them if they do. Both men and women are accepted and tasteful nudity is allowed.
By submitting your photos you agree that you will not be paid for the publishing of your images. You also agree that the images, you submit, will be used for the marketing videos, print, and social media advertising of Fly Fantasy Media.

    Please email your photos to with the Subject as: Magazine Submission

    You agree to have your pictures published in Fly Fantasy Magazine. You are at least 18 Years old. You own the rights to the images you are submitting. You also agree that these images can be used for promotional videos and print ads for Fly Fantasy Media.