• Age: 30
  • Weight: 130
  • Eyes: Green
  • Waist: 28
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  • IMG_9050
  • Richmond, VA


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    Joshua Washington started singing at the age of 7. The very first person who inspire him musically was his mother Kiameshia Washington, when a nice song came on the radio, such as Michael Jackson or D Angelo, etc they would sing together and young Joshua would say “wow mom you have a beautiful voice, you should be a professional singer” and she said to him “thank you, sweetheart, but that’s all you.” A few years later and After the passing of his mother Kiameshia Washington when he was the age of 13. he realized that leading the choir was only a piece of the puzzle he wanted to complete.   This passionate melody was not only meant to echo around the four corners of the church he used to sing at but the entire world. That’s when he took things at a higher level and began polishing his craft. Working behind the scenes promoting other talented artists. And spending long days and late nights in the music studio. Going to countless acting auditions which is his other passion. From Joshua Washington that his friends and love ones knew by, Now his name is “EPIC” we call today in the industry. Just as it spelled in all caps.  Confident to inspire  Washington was just another one among the people who are inspired by Michael Jackson’s music. As much as he already had a grasp of his vocal cords, he has been considering MJ as a light to his path. Moving along the journey, Aaliyah, Chris Brown, D Angelo, Neyo, Usher, Rihanna, Jay Z, DMX, DJ Jayhood, and Missy Elliott came and these people became his pattern for crafting the confident, inspiring, fun, and sexy music we hear from him. One of such is “Yo Yo” which these days is a dance hit called #YoYochallenge especially for ladies and even the fellas. Its message to all exes and about moving on. Speaking of exes, a lot can relate to this. Right now, his plan to release a new single entitled “Bad” A club/party banger featuring DJ Jayhood is anticipated at the end of November.  Bring it out to the world Washington genuinely loves his career, so no matter how much struggle he had before or he is just about to have, he wishes to make an influence that people will look up to in pursuing their passion and dreams all the way.   “You have to truly love what you do because this industry can be tough. But you gotta keep it pushing and make things happen for yourself. Never give up and speak into existence.” He has a lot to share with the world and making music he plans to do forever. We can join and witness his King’s journey on Instagram @OfficialKingEpic  and Facebook.

    Read more at: https://www.billboardhiphop.com/2021/10/epic-next-big-star.html?m=1