Jason Brown

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Jason Brown started off as a graphics designer in 1997. He went on to become a motion graphics artist for a TV show call Neo Soul in Atlanta, GA. He left Neo Soul to work for Royal Fantasy entertainment. He would work dance clubs as a photographer, graphics artist, and videographer.  His work was creating a buzz in the city. His work was soon noticed by celebrities like CeeLo Green and a crew called CTE. He helped CTE promote their new artist Jeezy, throughout the city.

Jason then left Atlanta to return to his home state of VA where he earned his degree in visual communications. He learned journalism, photography, and mastered Adobe suites. He also learned how to make 3D models and animate them using 3DS Max. He was employed by a company called DS MAX and Innovauge as a salesman. He worked up the ranks and became a marketing manager. He then started teaching marketing to crew managers of the internally known company.

While in school he was contacted by Lake Front Entertainment to create a CD cover for a group called Charlie Boy Gang. Charlie Boy Gang had a hit song called “Beef it up” Jason built a good relationship with the owner Phillip Alexander and was soon¬† invited to come back to Georgia to be their marketing manager. Once he graduated that is exactly what he did. He then created motion graphics for CBG. He went on road tours, filming and taking pictures with fans.

He was then noticed by the father of trap music Wicked of Ghetto Mafia. He filmed videos of them, that lead to Jason working at Patchwerks studios. He became a video producer of the hit podcast “The Platform”. Now he is the producer of “The Wicked Truth”. The Wicked Truth became monetized. He is also the co-producer of the TV show “The Culture, The making of a model” and the K. Kinte Show. He also created Fly Fantasy Magazine and is the owner of Fly Fantasy Fashion. A store dedicated to fashion models.

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