How our models get paid

We have clients that want a fresh way to promote themselves in a digital environment. Our models are trained to do just that. They offer three packages to our clients, but they are open to full advertising campaigns. They work as models and as spokesmodels. They will take pictures with your products and offer your services for a small price in comparison to big named advertising companies. They will also shoot videos with your products and promote those product on their social media platforms. They will be backed by the marketing experts of Fly Fantasy Media who will spend money to make sure your products get the recognition they deserve. The models will present your products and services and explain how they work on video. Videos that you can use to on your advertising platforms. This will create conversions for you, turning clients into customers.

Models will also be able to sell images as modern art in our store and take 50% of the profits.

Models will also be available to host events such as clubs venues and boxing events.

Models will also be available for movies and music videos.

Small business owners, startup and e-commerce concept. Smiling asian woman showing money and giving box with order, selling online, earn cash for internet store, shipping handmade products.
Beauty, personal care, spa salon and skincare concept. Beautiful Asian woman in bath towel showing two facial and eye creams, smiling as recommend using hydration, nourishing skin care treatment.
Beauty, personal care, spa and skincare concept. Close-up of beautiful Asian female in bath towel showing avocado and smiling, recommend face mask or facial hydrating and nourishing cream.
Skincare, women beauty, hygiene and personal care concept. Close-up of beautiful Asian female standing naked in shower, apply skin cleansing foam and smiling, feeling fresh and upbeat.

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